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Rebels at work

Star wars themed character design, The Gang! active rebels

Nico fari fxf

"I'm never alone, FLX is with me"

Nico fari bb

Early sketches (I was kinda rushed with the idea of him having a big backpack and be constantly fixing his bud)

Nico fari capture

Trying new poses, (as client doesn't needed the backpack, and was actually a medic bot, they should better have a "pals pose")

Nico fari 3

-The cape was cool, tho

Nico fari 1

After getting the approval for the second pose, I instantly knew, those arms should be full of stuff, swiss army knife-kinda thing)

Nico fari guri

Final sketch

Nico fari flx

Flats and starting with some volumetric light

Nico fari fxf

The Gang!